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I have experience and interest in presenting, teaching, preaching, consulting, and writing on a variety of topics pertaining to intersections of mental health, social justice, and/or spirituality. Material can be tailored to different contexts and can be presented in a way that emphasizes social sciences, religious studies, or a mix of both.

Potential topics include:

  • Mental Health Stigma and De-Stigmatizing in Faith Communities

  • Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion

  • Love Thy Body: Embodiment as a Spiritual Practice

  • Fasting & Feasting in a World with Disordered Eating & Body Image Concerns 

  • Is It ‘OK’ to Be Religious and Be Anxious, Depressed, Suicidal…? (Topic can be tailored in many different directions.)

  • Is Self-Care Selfish?

  • Queer Spirituality: Biopsychosocial-spiritual Challenges and Possibilities at Intersections of Faith, Gender, & Sexuality

  • Religious Trauma & Adverse Religious Experiences: What Is It and What Can We Do About It?

  • Spiritual/Religious Factors in Abusive Relationships & Domestic Violence

  • Trauma-Informed Care and/or Trauma-Informed Ministry

Other topics may be available. Let's get creative!

Please feel free to Contact me directly if you would like to discuss speaking, consulting, or other services that may be useful to you or your organization.

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