"I can't reconcile the way that the world is jolted by events that are wonderful and terrible, the gorgeous and the tragic. Except that I am beginning to believe that these opposites do not cancel each other out. ... Life is so beautiful. Life is so hard."




I'm Julia (she/her) and I'm a clinical social worker (LCSWA) committed to interdisciplinary work at intersections of mental health, social justice, and spirituality. I'm licensed in the state of North Carolina and currently working as an outpatient psychotherapist with TPC Counseling based in Raleigh, NC.

Currently offering two therapy formats:

1) In-person appointments in Raleigh, NC


2) Telehealth video appointments for clients anywhere in NC, with priority given to folks in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties

  • Depression & Bipolar

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • College students & young adults

  • LGBTQ+ concerns

  • Spiritual/religious concerns (religious trauma, scrupulosity, deconstruction, & more)

For more details, please look around and/or Contact me directly.